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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Human Nature

Some times human nature is a wonderful thing to behold as we reach
out to help one another. But sometimes, in the legislative process,
human nature becomes part of the problem and it's not so pretty.
The messy budget scrum unfolding in this town would be exhitibit
A. How in the heck did we get right back where we were two years ago
when a similar budget impasse shut the government down for a few hours?
Everyone claimed they leanred their lesson. Right.
The human incilination to delay tough decisions with foolish hopes
that the problem will somehow go away; the human desire to please
everyone knowing that it's impossible; and the human desire to do the
right thing but not having the guts to really do it. All those human
nature elements are in play big time.
On top of that we often times put off for tomorrow what should
have been done today. Just think of all the time off during the summer
these legislators had. At one stretch from the 4th of July through
most of August, they met only a few times.
To be sure the leaders and the governor were meeting, but there
was no sense of urgency otherwise this budget would have been written
by Labor Day or sooner.
And human nature of another kind is also at work. They are now
talking about stealing more money from the federal stimulus package to
nce this year's budget while ignoring the fact that next year the
budget will be even worse.
Earlier they wanted to set aside $800 million or so for that rainy
day, but now faced with raising taxes on the eve of the 2010 election
has them scrambing to skirt that tough decision which will only result
in tougher decisions next year.
Darn that human nature.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It demonstrates the fiscal immaturity of the legislature. There's a reason it's referred to as a BUDGET. Stealing from Peter (the remaining federal stimulus funds), to pay Paul, (the current budget) only exacberates the futures woes. As most factions are demonstrating, we don't care who gets hurt, AS LONG AS IT'S NOT US!!!
Wait until next summer, when the feds funds have been squandered, Michigan remains in the recession limbo,and the 2.5 billion dollar deficit remains without any respite from Washington

October 3, 2009 at 10:47 AM 

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