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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bouchard the Dancer

    Mike Bouchard is no wimp. He proudly packs heat, is not afraid to use his hefty size to his advantage, so you would think he'd be the last guy to be an accomplished dancer.
    Ah, but he is.
    Watch how he dances around a very sticky wicket unfolding in the GOP primary for governor namely what to say about Mike Cox, a fellow candidate for gov.
    Cox is soaking up lots of free media, but not the kind you would necessarily want, over his role in investigating an alleged party at former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's pad.  Cox concluded, "What party?" and tagged it an "urban legend" but apparently not everyone agrees although there is no proof to the contrary.
    So the issue on the campaign trail is the credibility of Mr. Cox.
    Your comments Sheriff Bouchard?
    "I'm just focused on my message," he laces up his dancing shoes.
    "So you are not going there?"
     "I'm not going there," he heads for the dance floor.
     "Why don't you want to go there?"
     "I'm focused on my issues," he taps away.
      He is pressed further and notes that if other candidates or voters want to comment on Mr. Cox, they are free to do so as he stands up for free speech just as long as he doesn't have to participate.
     "I'm not worrying about somebody else.  That isn't where my focus is," he goes on.
      Well  if that is the case, then Mr. Bouchard should be willing to promise that he will resist the temptation to exploit this story for his own benefit.
      He waltzed away from the pledge dredging up a line we never heard before, "I'm focused on exactly where I'm focused," he repeated redundantly.
      Points for staying on message but one final attempt, "Why not make the promise?"
      Here's why not:  "Because I'm bigger than you," he smiles
      Nuf said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger R. George Dunn said...

I am more interested on hearing facts of what a candidate stands for when it comes to Michigan changing direction to end this dive. How about a compromise between Michigan's VAT & the Michigan FairTax. We can send Proposal A back to the people for repeal or move school funding from the homesteaders to the sales tax. We can embrace the FairTax concept of creating jobs by removing tax in product by limiting income tax to over 200,000, put the MBT onto sales tax and provide a gush of business, especially when the consumption tax is made nationally.

November 17, 2009 at 3:23 PM 

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