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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now What!

  Oh.  Oh.  Now what are they going to do?
  Since the first of the year the freshmen class of 44 republicans and democrats have been itching to change the culture in Lansing and as noted in this space too many times to count, they've not even scratched the surface.
   So the Speaker of the House is giving them a chance to do what they claim they want to do: He has given them the task of fixing the K-12 budget/funding mess.
    What a cruel man that speaker is.
   Those poor innocent  babes in the woods are about to confront the harsh reality of trying to drain the school funding quagmire and build a new pond.
    First a little history.  The Speaker has given them until December 20th to come up with something.  Note:  When Bill Milliken was governor he launched an education reform agenda that began in 1970 and ended two governors later in 1994 with Proposal A.
    If the gang of 44 can pull this off in two months that took others who were wiser and had more experience almost 25 years, each should be given the Nobel Peace prize or something like that.
    But undaunted, they are taking this on.  "How do you turn down the Speaker?" reflected one of the new comer leaders.
    Dillon was not trying to set these guys up for failure.  His motives were pure, but still the task is impossible with a capitol I.
    But let's cheer them on. Let's light a candle.  Let's see what they can do.
    A friendly hint however:  This is going to take more revenue and that may mean a new tax scheme along with reforms to squeeze money out of the bloated education system.
    Well there go the GOP freshman from the bi-partisan fold.


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