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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ilitch Checking Off Boxes

      Ilitch for governor. She wants to do it; she is not sure she will.
      That in a nutshell is where Denise Ilitch finds herself as she methodically goes about the business of checking off boxes as she ponders a possible bid to become the second female governor in state history.
      Democrat Ilitch ran statewide and won a seat on the U of M Board of Regents, but that statewide campaign does not compare to the heavy lifting she would have to do  for governor.
     Does she have the "skills and tools" to actually be governor?
     How deep is the commitment from those those who have "urged her to run" to help her run with money and elbow grease?
     Does her family support a bid?
     Reportedly the family box has been checked off in the affirmative.  She has three children but they are all adults.  In other words she is not a mom with a two and five year old demanding her attention at home.
     The other boxes are unchecked and until she figures that out she will continue her self-imposed policy of not talking to the media.
     The arms length strategy is understandable but boo-hiss anyway.
     She meets Governor Granholm's criteria of not having any connections to Lansing or the incumbent governor other than the fact that they are both women and democrats.
     Ilitch could self fund but she has not decided how much of her personal wealth she is willing to bring to the table.
     She has been successful in the business world helping two companies to turn around and she has a good name ID i.e. who has not heard the Ilitch moniker?
     Unclear is whether daddy and mom, supposed Republicans, will help her?
     But more importantly does she really want to do it?
     That box has been checked off big time.
     A source familiar with her thinking confides, "She wants to run for governor.  She has the fire, red hot lava, in the belly to do it.  Whether she runs is another question.'
    The answer to which will come by the end of March.


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