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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who's Calling the Shots?

   Here we go again.  The senate GOP leader has problems with the nose of the state GOP chair.
   Three years ago when then state Republican chair Saul Anuzis stuck his big nose in the delicate budget debate that included a hefty tax hike, the GOP leader Mike Bishop complained  there was no role for the party chair in this legislative matter.
    The Oakland County Republican, in effect, lectured Big Saul to stick to politics while Bishop would do the heavy legislative lifting.
    Fast forward to the New Year with a new state GOP chair with Bishop forced to confront the same old problem all over again.
    Turns out that that chairman, Ron Weiser, has attached his name to a grandiose scheme, hatched by a new business group, on how to reform state government in five easy steps.
    Democrats are using that Weiser endorsement to urge Bishop to hop on board but Bishop is not on board, and  he's bashful about going to the station to look at the train.
    Weiser notes that he has not endorsed the whole package put forth by the "Business Leaders for Michigan" which is a morphed reincarnation of the old Detroit Renaissance group.  But he says some of the concepts are worth doing.
    Through his mouth piece, Bishop basically tells Weiser what he told Anuzis:  Stay out of my business.  Warm letter to follow.
    All of this is slowly reaching critical mass as the governor has hooked-up with the BLFM folks and is eager to forge a "Grand Bargain" in which everyone gives a little to get a little, as she puts it. 
    Her "little" to get is new revenue which Bishop is loathed to support and  the specter of having the GOP chair on Granholm's side, even though Weiser has not embraced new money, is a P.R. problem for Mr. Bishop which forces him to explain why he and Weiser are not on the same page..again.


Anonymous Business Leaders for Michigan said...

The Michigan Turnaround Plan is full of common-sense proposals to right-size Michigan government and put our state on the path to economic growth.

January 4, 2010 at 8:26 AM 

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