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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

  Every body said there was no way for John Engler to beat Gov. Jim Blanchard.  Engler did.
  Every body said Dick Posthumus could never defeat Jennifer Granholm for governor.  He lost by only 4 points after closing her double digit lead.  "One more week and more money, I would have won," Posthumus reflects.
  Every body says John Cherry can't win the governor's seat next November.  You would expect the GOP to say that but there are plenty of D's whispering that as well.
  Cherry-ittes must be clinging to the Engler come from behind win and the Posthumus almost win to get them through these tough times.
   It seems that everything the democratic frontrunner does is filtered through the "he-can't win" prism.  So when he rearranged some members of his campaign the other day, pow went the stories that Cherry was in trouble and the "shake-up" of his inner circle was exhibit A.
   "It was not a shake-up," Gov. Jennifer Granholm tried to put a finger in the he-can't-win dyke.  This was "movement" that was natural to a campaign.
    A sanguine Mr. Cherry described the changes on his campaign roster as the normal ebb and flow of moving from an exploratory bid to an actual bid for governor.
    "If this was being done next June, it would be a worry," reflected Cherry stalwart Mark Gaffney who runs the biggest labor union in the state.  But it was in the dead of December so not to worry.
     It's clear that Cherry's campaign manager was asked to leave even though his handlers downplayed it noting that two of the GOP candidates for governor have shifted leadership as well.
     And while this story may be a blip and quickly forgotten it only served to feed the popular wisdom that Cherry has an uphill climb.
     Maybe he should get a pep talk from Engler and Posthumus.
     Naw that won't work.  They're republicans.


Blogger Owen said...

I think he is in great shape compared to any other candidate in either party. It seems that Cherry is everywhere in this state and his campaign is as well. I have already seen Cherry bumper stickers and have been approached to sign a petition. I think that his name recognition will increase as the months go on and he is the only candidate that I have heard specific policy proposals from. I think that it was pretty bold of him to announce a tax on bottled water this early in the campaign and I think that others will appreciate that he is giving those specific details rather than general statements about the need to reform. I hear a lot of talk out there about what needs to be done to fix Michigan but the only person that has proven that he can get things done is John Cherry. I did sign that petition and I think I may ask others to sign it as well.

December 23, 2009 at 9:05 AM 
Blogger Dowagiac Informer said...

I think he picked up support with announcing a plan for the Promise money.
What I question is when people call to volunteer to get his name on the ballot they are treated less than nice and never receive the petitions.
If the Democrats are going to keep this seat the campaign staff need to get their act together.

December 25, 2009 at 9:41 AM 
Blogger Dr. Dave said...

It's as easy as A B C Anybody But Cherry!!

December 27, 2009 at 6:48 PM 

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