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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Two0fer

     Predictions in the political game are dicey, but take this one to the bank.  Sometime within the next six months, a statewide ballot proposal will be teed up to revamp the term limit law and at the same time create a part time legislature.
     It has not reached critical mass, but slowly, one by one, folks are latching on to this two-fer deal which would require approval of the citizenery to make it a reality.  But first things first.
     Shortly after the 1992 term limit law took effect, the carping about it began and has now reached a loud enough volume that even the folks who said yes then, are saying no now.
     "I wasn't thinking.  I've changed my mind," is heard over and over again on the rubber chicken circuit where the term limit issue comes up repeatedly. 
      It was the senate GOP leader Mike Bishop who years ago linked these two issues.  These chatter in the business community about doing this and the House Speaker Andy Dillon has not rejected it.  The governor might get on board, too.
     In the past lawmakers have been reluctant to even whisper about passing a constitutional amendment to change the term limit law for fear that the national term limit cabal would take them on at the next election.
     But if you link term limit extensions with downsizing the legislature, perhaps those scardy cat politicians may actually grow a back bone and put it on the ballot.
     It is not that dangerous of a vote.  All they are doing is allowing voters to decide this.  That is hardly un-American.
     But it is not soup yet.  Yet the smoke signals are visible if you take the time to look…thus this prediction:  It will get on the ballot. Getting it passed?  No prediction there just yet.


Blogger Rod Cannon said...

I like this idea, Tim, and would almost certainly vote for it. Please continue to keep us informed.

December 18, 2009 at 7:32 AM 

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