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Monday, December 7, 2009

Going In For The Kill

    If we placed Gov. Jennifer Granholm's DNA under a microscope you would find a gene for empathy, warmth, gregariousness, pant suits, but never a killer instinct.  She doesn't have it, doesn't want it, but from time to time, she could use it.
    Case in point is her lobbying effort to restore the Promise Grant of $4,000 for higher education students.  It's became a cause celebre for her as she spent the last two weeks visiting all the major college campuses in the state.
    "Call your local legislator. Tell them you want the money restored.  Please make your voice heard," she repeats and repeats as the college kids skip class to hear her pleadings.
      It's the kind of feel good, make democracy work message that Granholm loves to deliver and she does it with some passion but not enough.
      If she possessed the killer gene, she would call out the GOP senators who are blocking the restoration. Oh sure she tip toes up to the line saying, "You hired these lawmakers and you can fire them" but who are the "them?"  She never mentions any names, nor does she give out email addresses or phone numbers.  She assumes that the college kids, given a good dose of "go-out-and-get'em gang" will go out and get'em.
      Silly governor.
      The no-so bright college kid may ask, "Who is my senator anyway? Do I have a representative?  How do I call Congress?"  (Sorry kid, Congress is in Washington.  The thing in Lansing is the legislature.)  You get the point, the typical college kid don't (sic) know squat about how to contact anyone other than their parents for more money to stay in school.
      "Killer" Granholm could put the names and numbers of Mike Bishop, Ron Jelinek, Valde Garcia, Wayne Kuipers, etc. etc on the screen in front of the kids.  "Write down these numbers," she could lecture them but chooses not to do it.
       It is bad form to call out senators by name and after all she has to work with these guys.  (However she did name names with phone numbers in a more private medium..a letter to thousands of college kids.  Good marks for doing at least that.)
       There is an old saying in politics, sometimes to get the donkey's attention, or in this case the elephant's, you have to whack it on the head with a two-by-four.  Apparently she does not own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it is time for these young adults to learn the lesson of the Native Americans that the G-man speaks with forked tounge. Promise my AZZ. Next thing you know they will be taking away social security. When will politicians stop making promises they have no ability to keep.

December 8, 2009 at 12:31 PM 

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