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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

  Each one of us has a little voice in our heads. Don't know how it got there, but it resides there nonetheless and every once in awhile, he shouts, "Don't do this."
   Despite the shouting being heard right now, here goes a blog on the blond babe who crashed the White House gig the other night.
  (The shouting is getting louder.)
   While the MSM has rightfully focused on the breach of security angle of the story and how this dashing couple managed to break the code for getting in, no one has written about all the guys who had their pictures taken with the aforementioned B.B.
    First there were the three Marine guards who were smiling so much it looked like they just learned they won't be going to Iraq.  And then the "babe" with the president's Svengali , Ron Imanual.  Most folks in D.C. have never seen him smile but how often do you get a chance to cuddle up to…well you get the point.
    And even the President himself got into the smiling act, but of course he had no choice, the babe showed up in the receiving line and presidents are suppose to smile, but you could come up with a nifty caption for that picture anyway:  "Hey Michelle, get a load of this.  Did you put her on the invite list?"
    But the grand daddy of them all was the photo with the babe and the V.P.  For the moment he must have been speechless as she innocently invaded his personal space and plopped her manicured left hand on his chest. (Maybe they went to high school together or knew one another from a previous life?)
    Yet, the pictures are one thing; the really juicy story is what did the wives of all those men have to say when they saw the pics?
     Jill Biden to hubby Joe.  Maybe she sounded like Raymond's wife on the TV show: "Idiot.  Caught in the act of being a guy."
     First Lady to First man:  "She's not coming back here again.  And wipe that smile off your face."
     And the Marines.  None of them must be married because it was painfully clear they were having too much fun and obviously didn't have a spouse implanted "little voice" in their heads telling them to take the smiles down a notch.
     As for the babe and what she was thinking.  Look for that in her first book, "Going Rogue Take 2."


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