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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Foot in Mouth

       The angriest mayor in the county, got his foot caught in his mouth the other day.
       Lansing Mayor Virg Benero, just off an impressive reelection effort, made a name for himself during the meltdown of the U.S. auto industry last fall with his fiery appearances, defending the car makers, on the cable talking head channels.
      Famous for sometimes engaging his mouth before his brain, Benero was asked to comment the other day on the governor's efforts to squeeze more job dollars out of the Obama administration.
     Without batting an eyelash, Benero blurted out that the first federal stimulus package had not worked in Michigan.  It was a provocative statement to have a democrat mayor take on the democrat president.
     Here was his first quote, "We haven't seen any stimulus.  So we're still waiting." 
     Does that sound like Benero believes the Obama program has born fruit?  
     So while on camera, the reporter asked if Benero believed the program was indeed a failure as his first answer suggested.
     Well, now that you put it that way, Benero began to back peddle.
     "Well I…like I say it's worked for Wall Street and less-so on Main Street."
     Open mouth, insert foot.
     Just in case the president grants the governor's wish for more employment bucks, Benero does not want to say anything to offend the president which might result in Lansing getting nothing.
     But he just did.


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