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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Union Is Disrespectful

   Charles Pugh is the real deal.
   Anything would have been an improvement on the embattled and allegedly crime-invested Detroit City Council, so the entrance of the former TV anchor guy as president of the council represents a breath of fresh and honest air.
   Pugh made his first statewide TV appearance on the Off the Record series this week.  Most politicians bring a fog machine to the program, Pugh left his at home as he pretty much answered all the inquiries, did very little shucking and gyving, and left the impression that maybe, just maybe, he and the other four new members of the council, might help to turn the city's image around not to mention getting it out of debt.
    Mayor Dave Bing is taking some hits from organized labor for laying off 460 city worker and counting.
    Pugh says, "That's one of the things we're going to have to do."
    A panelist wanted to know, "What kind of a democrat are you, taking on union workers?"
    Pugh did not flinch.  "I'm a realist.  This is not about protecting any group…it's about the city."
    Well then what about some union folks who want to toss his Honor the Mayor in the clink?
     Pugh did not flinch.  "I think it's in many ways disrespectful" to the mayor.  "He is a hero" in this city.
     Wonder what they think about that over at the AFSCME brain trust?
     And on it went as he urged outstate Michigan folks to "come visit" Detroit to get over their negative attitudes engrained for years.
     Pugh, who has has never run for anything, let alone won any elective office, has a chance to build a record and in four years, who knows, maybe he could trade in the council president name plate for one that says Mayor of Detroit. 
     Don't rule it out.  He hasn't.
    (In the interest of full disclosure, this blogger worked with Mr. Pugh at FOX2 in Detroit.  See the full broadcast at


Anonymous jimbob said...

C'mon Tim. You've been at this for too long to fall for the new kid on the block routine...arent you??? Pugh is a nice guy, but he hasnt produced anything yet. Everyone on the current Council knew that Al Garrett and AFSCME are going to take a hit eventually. They are just letting him wear himself out with his huffing and puffing. Garrett is in a bind and everyone knows it; he just isnt willing to admit it yet. Even Cockrel was working him over and telling him no repeatedly...he just wasnt doing it in the press. You just like Pugh because he feeds your ego by giving you quotes. That isnt governing.

November 22, 2009 at 2:46 PM 
Anonymous Rob said...

You went soft on Pugh. Had he been a regular viewer he’d know that Cush is the appropriations Chair. He was just on your show. Pugh told you he knew the players in Detroit then did not know Cush was chair. Thanks for acknowledging he is a former colleague

November 23, 2009 at 12:06 PM 

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