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Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaving Out Some Facts

   Ah, to have the good ole days of the 60's when a protest on a college campus had passion.
    Nowadays, various GOP student groups have been bird dogging the governor as she tries to drum up student support from her Promise Grant on all the college campuses.
   God bless them for getting involved in the process but at Michigan State University there were three, count'em, three Republican students carrying three signs.
   Then the next day, a ray of hope for a bigger counter-demonstration
as the governor took her road show to Central Michigan University. But alas about five GOP demonstrators handed out kool-aid. 
   If you were spinning this, the young republicans could say the CMU demonstration almost doubled the turn out at MSU.  That, of course, would have been just as misleading as some of the "propaganda" the kool-aid crowd was dishing out as students went to hear the governor.
    The group Common Sense in Government suggested in a nifty one page flyer that "If the governor really cared about your scholarships, she wouldn't be spending money" on a new state police headquarters, a Hollywood tax credit to "made mediocre films", (somebody get Clint Eastwood on the horn,) and then the biggest misrepresentation of them all, money she spent money on the Ford Wixom plant.  That lousy governor.
     The anti-tax group admited the plant would be re-opened and "employ 300 people." Close but no cigar.  The number is actually in the thousands; the flyer also neglected to point out that the idled Ford plant has sat there for years and the fact that Michigan netted two hi-tech alternative energy plants was a huge "get" that other states lusted to have on their own.
     But then to include that would have taken the edge off the counter demonstration and ruined the line about "Don't drink the kool-aid, the Governor would rather give money to special interest groups and campaign donors than to you."
     Hey, never let the facts get in the way of a passion-less and disingenuous protest especially on a college campus where the pursuit of the truth is supposedly a noble calling. 


Blogger Tom said...

"The number is actually in the thousands..."

Is it really? When do we start counting? We are still counting the jobs that were supposed to land at Poletown and we still haven't gotten close to the promise.

I have no dog in this fight Tim but your defense seems a little enthusiastic. Frankly, we would be better off without the Hollywood tax credits as well.

I like your work and watch on Sundays also. Keep it up!

November 23, 2009 at 1:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're wrong, Tim. There were 15 protesters at CMU.

November 24, 2009 at 6:17 AM 

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