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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pay to Play

    There's a little fussin' and fuedin' unceremoniously unfolding in the state GOP concerning so-called Pay to Play Straw Polls.
    Here's how that nifty little game works.  A candidate running for this office or that, tries to influence the outcome of a straw poll by making sure his or her supporters show up to vote.  And to make sure they do appear, sometimes financial considerations come into play which amounts to backdoor pay.
   For example, GOP candidate for governor Rick Snyder won a straw poll by offering free transportation, room and board, and other considerations for those who agreed to vote for him.
   Attorney General candidate Bill Schuette recently defeated his GOP challenger Sen. Mike Bishop, 360 to 247 in another straw poll which prompted the Oakland County Senator to not only dennounce the poll but Bishop promised to stop participating in future polls.
   Than Secretary of State candidate Anne Norlander, the Calhoun County Clerk issued a self-righteous news release blasting the "Pay to Play" concept as a "fundraising activity (that) goes counter to everything I believe in (and) I can no longer participate in "Pay to Play" voting fundraiser's."
    And in case you missed her indignation she tacked on, "This is counter to one person one vote and defies everything we believe in as Republicans" concerning the "integrity of the ballot."
    She called on other Republicans to join her in renouncing the process.  It's likely that the statewide candidates who don't have a ton of money to spread around will join her and the ones who do have a ton won't. 


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