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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We R Family

  Way too often in this political game, in order to make a political gain, something has to give and usually it is the family. 
    Well now comes a beautiful example of a guy who had a shot at the top spot in the Michigan House next year.  He is what's known as an up and comer.  They usually stand out as persons with brains, passion, and a desire to lead while being somewhat humble at the same time.
    Saginaw democrat Andy Courlouris seemed to fit the mold.  He has acquitted himself quite well as chair of the House Banking committee and word on the street was he had designs on being Speaker of the House.
    Not anymore.
    True, he was flirting with it, but the longer he flirted, the less attractive the job looked.
   First there were the hours away from home.  "I didn't like it," he confesses.
   Then came the arrival of his second daughter to go with the 4 year old already at home with mom.
   After that, "my priorities were changing," he confesses again.
   Despite being only 90 minutes from home when he was in Lansing, he wanted to be home at a decent hour every night and "wake up the next morning knowing I would be home at a decent hour that night."
   He didn't say it, but you could feel in his comments that each time he looked into the eyes of his three "girls" at home, the allure of being top dog in the house might mean being a lonely dog later on.
   "I was afraid the pressure of the job would turn into something that wouldn't be good for my family…I know my quality of life and my family's quality of life will be better without that job."
    Smart man that Andy Courlouris.  He made the right decision for all the right reasons.
    It's rare in this game.  Too bad. 


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