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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Romney Name; Pop Left?

    Most of the folks who elected George Romney governor way back when are probably pushing up daisies or in a home somewhere in deep retirement.  Consequently you might be persuaded that the Romney moniker has lost its political pop.
    Think again.
     In 2002, a guy named Scott Romney got elected to his first statewide office as he earned himself a warm seat in the Green and White press box as a result of being elected to the MSU Board of Trustees.
     Then during the last election cycle, underdog Mitt Romney carpet bagged back into town glowing on and on about his love for Michigan.  Never mind that he abandoned "his home state" many moons ago and was governor of Massachusetts…at least the state starts with an "M."
    Regardless Mitt captured the Michigan presidential primary which was one of the only things he won during his bitter battle with rival John McCain.
    Fast forward to right now and the aforementioned Scott R. is about to take another plunge.
    "I led the ticket in 2000," Romney recalls. He was also washed away by the Obama tidal wave that rolled over the country in 2008 when Romney lost a reelection bid for the MSU board.
     Look for him to announce soon that he'll be back on the stump soon.
     Actually his announcement was a rush job.  Inside GOP types let Romney know that others were already lining up support for the one GOP slot that was open on the MSU board. The state GOP in convention will pick the candidates next year.
     A former MSU football star Mitch Lyons is running and so is Brian Breslin whose daddy's name is predominately displayed on the Breslin Center on the MSU campus.
      Rather than give them a head start, Romney quickly decided it was time to get in and in he is.  We'll see next November if Romney's pop's name has anymore pop.


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Does it matter

December 20, 2009 at 12:33 PM 

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