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Monday, December 21, 2009

Explorer Virg

    You've heard of exploratory surgery and exploratory expeditions but what are exploratory committees all about?
    In politics they are the vehicles to determine if a potential candidate can translate his passion and desire for this office or that, into a bona fide effort that has some chance of being successful at nailing down this office or that.
     Enter the Virg Bernero Exploratory Committee for Governor.
     The recently reelected Mayor of Lansing has not even been sworn in for a second term and now he's got a committee exploring a possible bid for the democratic nomination for governor.
      Talk about your high achiever.
     This, however, will be a short-lived committee.  It is being slapped together with one goal in mind:  Can Bernero translate all his nervous energy into convincing would-be supporters to do more than just talk about him for governor.
      In other words it is put up or shut up time for Mr. B.
      It's an easy test to score.  It is one thing for supporters to whisper in your ear, "You should run for governor" as they slap him on the back.  It is
quite another for them to open their wallets and grease his palms with some lean green.
     If at the end of next month there is no lean green, Bernero can bury this boom let and contemplate what might have been.
     However if he magically taps in the anger of the electorate and cultivates the feeling  he can actually win this thing, then you've got something to build on.
     Obviously Bernero believes he can pull it off or he would not try.
     That's one and counting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Virg can bank a couple of million by the end of February he would be well on the way to the $20million needed to run competitively and he probably should run.

However, will the statewide media give someone with such a foul mouth and short fuse a free pass? It seems like Lansing needs more respect and statemenship and not a bomb thrower who does not even think when he starts swearing at people that he is being recorded. Being angry and foulmouthed will get Virg a lot of attention, but will that be a good thing for anyone?

December 21, 2009 at 10:27 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Virg is mad, which is often, he comes off as flat out crazy and in needs of medication.

December 21, 2009 at 5:31 PM 

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