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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Button Those White House Lips

   There is White House intervention and then there is White House intervention.  An inside player in the state Democratic Party contends it is the former and not the later when it comes to White House concern abut the Michigan race for governor.
    You'll recall in this space two months or so ago, it was reported that some folks in the Obama White House were interested in the 2010 gov's contest and now Joel Ferguson says he can confirm it:  The White House, not the president, has talked with two possible contenders namely House Speaker Andy Dillon and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.
   But Ferguson, who fancies himself a consummate power broker in the party, contends talk is cheap and doesn't amount to much unless money and organization follow.
   Asked on the "Off the Record" broadcast if the White House has had these discussions with those two he responded, "That's correct."
   Ferguson is not the only one to say so as others in the party have reflected the same stance, but Fergie is off the mark somewhat when he summarily dismisses the chatter is only that.
    Any talk out of the White House that suggests Lt. Gov. John Cherry might not be a viable candidate would help Dillon and Bernero because that is their message in a nutshell. That's as good as money in the bank because it gets would be supporters to open their check books if they buy that reasoning.
    So all the president's men can stay on the sidelines and do all the whispering they want, and that will make the day for Mr. D and Mr. B. and as for Mr. C?
    He'd just as soon the guys in the White House button their lips and now.  (See Ferguson Off the Record at


Blogger Rod Cannon said...

There are a lot of extra spaces in the RSS version of Tim's blog posts that aren't apparent when one reads the web site version. For example, the word "confirm" shows up correctly in the web site version of this post but appears as "confir m" in the RSS version. That's only one example from one post. There are usually ten or more in each post. This makes you look a little less professional than I know you are, Tim.

December 27, 2009 at 12:45 PM 

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