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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Political Gold Medal

   Some time this weekend while the rest of the  world waits to watch the USA take Canada for the Gold Medal in hockey, a politician will sit down in his Battle Creek home and decide to do something that is nye on to impossible to do;  Run for governor as an independent candidate.
   For years Joe Schwarz has flirted with the possibility.  He's flirting again with his finger on the trigger, but most would be surprised if he squeezed it.
    Yet the climate is ripe for a non Republican or Democrat to run.  Schwarz who has been a state senator, a one term congressman, and a former GOP candidate for governor who lost, could ride a tidal wave of anger aimed at both political parties.
    "I can't say that I have a home in the GOP" anymore Schwarz confesses.  He believes his party has moved too far to the right just as the Democrats have moved too far to the left.  He thinks a big chunk of disenchanted voters remain in the middle with him.  They may be open to someone with experience but minus the R or D after his or her name.
    But it takes money.  Schwarz figures between four and six million which he does not have on hand.  Raising it, however, he optimistically reports is "doable" but by his own admission, "I do not like making phone calls" to raise that money.
    He also needs 30,000 plus petition signatures to get on the ballot.  He says those names can be bought and he has until July 15th to do that and assuming this lousy snow eventually melts, it could be done.
    But could he win or be the spoiler ala other independent candidate Ross Perot who swiped enough votes from George H. Bush to make William Jefferson Clinton President of the United States?
    To figure it out, Schwarz called in seven or eight of his closest friends, associates and advisors to kick it around yesterday (Friday.)
    So while they are dropping pucks in Canada, Schwarz will finally decided whether to pursue the Gold Medal of Michigan politics: Occupancy of the Governor's office.


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