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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting To Know You

GOP outsider Rick Snyder is proud that he has no hands on
experience in Lansing. All we basically know about him is what we can
glean from his TV commercials.
We know he doesn't't like ties, he owns same weird kinda looking
furniture, he's a business guy, knows how to use the computer, likes to
stick his tongue out and has linked himself to Bill Gates, Warren
Buffet, and Superman. And he's a BMOC.
What's that you say, he is not a Big Man on Campus?
He's a nerd?
Well imagine that.
Frankly this is not much to go on. Hence you would expect that he
would gladly participate in a time-honored tradition in town i.e.
filing out questionnaires
so that special interest groups can get to know him.
Turns out Mr. Snyder is not playing the game.
Maybe he's bashful?
Maybe he doesn't't know all the right answers?
Regardless, Snyder's unwillingness to fill out these questionnaires
is raising some eyebrows. He says he's not doing it because it is
inconsistent with his agenda to turn Michigan's economy around.
The Michigan Chamber of Commerce won't interview Snyder for an
endorsement unless he fills in some of their blanks.
And here's a biggy in the GOP primary: Looks like Snyder can't get
the endorsement of Michigan Right to Life unless he sends back their
Even if he does, he still may not get it because he supported
embryonic stem cell research and would allow for an abortion in the
cases of rape and or incest.
Those are deal breakers for MRTL, but yet the head of the group's
Political Action Committee is not ready to write Snyder off just yet.
Larry Galmish says sometimes candidates say one thing and later on
say another. So the PAC is willing to interview Snyder and if after
wards he has some more acceptable positions and if he fills out the
questionnaire, he will be cool with the group.
Actually all the other GOP contenders are hoping Snyder doesn't
flip on the issues or fill out the survey. Because then RTL will
conclude he is pro-abortion and that means the group will make an
endorsement in the race.
If all the candidates are pro-life the organization stays out of
the primary, but if someone in the field is not, the group wades in.
So even if Snyder fills out the paper, Mike Cox, Pete Hoekstra,
Mike Bouchard and Tom George may try to steal it so that they can get
the group's blessing.
Maybe Superman can help Snyder out if that happens.


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