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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Richard vs. Goliath

This could get real nasty and fast.
    The battle for Attorney General on the democratic side is shaping up as a battle of the titans.  On one side you have the Bernstein family and the trial lawyers and on the other, the political punch of the United Auto Worker's union.
    The two sides are on a collison course and Richard Bernstein could not be happier.
    "We're going to have one hell of a convention," he said bursting at the seams at the thought of taking on the most powerful union in the Democratic party.
     Bernstein is not bashful about laying it out.
     Traditionally the union has been the 800 pound gorilla and is never bashful about tossing around its weight.
     Bernstein says he and others are tired of all that.
     "When you look at the UAW, there's a lot of people in this party who are tired of being pushed around and there's a lot of people who are being tired of being told what to do" and as if that is not enough, it closes with, "and there's a lot of people who are saying basically, you know, enough is enough."
     Take that Solidarity House.  Warm letter to follow.
     The union wants David Leyton, the prosecutor in Genesee County to be the Attorney General as a possible stepping stone to being governor some day.
    "I will not use the job as a stepping stone to anything,' Bernstein asserts while being reminded that the union controls a ton of delegates at a state party convention.
     Bernstein says he is not scared off by that and predicts, "I will bring all kinds of new people into the party" to help him beat Goliath.
     With his daddy's money and ground support from the trial lawyers, you can't count him out.
     Bernstein doesn't saying, "I've been counted out my entire lifeā€¦This just makes me work harder."
     Oh boy.  This will be fun to watch.


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