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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Messin' With Mikey

    Michigan's political landscape is strewn with popular wisdom that turned out to be false.  To wit, John Engler can't beat Gov. Jim Blanchard; Jennifer Granholm can't beat money bags Dick DeVos and now comes Mike
 Bouchard will disconnect from the governor's race to seek a more winnable seat in Congress.
    Where the heck did that notion come from?
    Certainly not from Bouchard whose campaign sent out a to the point statement:  "I'm running for governor.  I am not running for Congress."
    Nonetheless seems like all the other campaigns have heard this "rumor" that goes like this:  Bouchard's gov effort is not getting traction despite his impressive $800,000 fund raising get; the GOP folks in D.C. want to take out Oakland County incumbent Congressman Gary Peters in the worse way and they figure Bouchard is the guy to do it; dissolving the Bouchard-Terri Land ticket would be a two-fer for the party in that Land could run for retiring Congressman Vern Ehler's seat and forget about be lt. governor with Bouchard.
    Far-fetched, of course.
    Totally out of the question, of course not.
    Just for the sake of filling out the rest of this blog, let's assume that the buzz has some gravitas, the first challenge for Bourchad is how does he "message" this thing in a positive way.
    His detractors will quickly tag Bouchard with job-hunting for his own person gain.  The story line?  Unable to win the governor's nomination, the political opportunist Mike Bouchard went hunting for a post he might win.  When will this guy just stop running for every office that opens up?
    The tag could stick, but Bouchard could counter it with this:  The party came to me with the desire to win back control of the Michigan Congressional delegation so that we could effectively fight President Obama's socialist policies.  If we defeat Peters, and Terri holds onto the GOP seat on the west side of the state, we can do more good for Michigan.  So it is with reluctance that I bow out of the governor's race for the good of the party.
    Hog wash says the Bouchard team and don't forget, some of the other contenders would love to undercut his effort, so why not fan a story that puts El Sheriff in a negative light. Bouchard's guys can't prove that, but they are surely thinking it.


Anonymous Edmundsgop said...

Bouchard is a CREEP.

March 10, 2010 at 9:13 AM 

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