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Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's A "No"

       If it hasn't already, the phones will start ringing off the hook in the office of Michigan's junior U.S. Senator and Debbie Stabenow knows it.
       With the field for governor on the democratic side apparently set, there will be some disgruntled D's who are not happy with the prospects of a Virg Bernero, Andy Dillon or Alma Wheeler Smith sitting in Jennifer Granholm's seat.
       Which is why they will be calling Ms. Stabenow.
       The calls are nothing new.  For over a year the Lansing democrat has fielded inquiries about her interest in replacing JMG.  Far as anyone can tell, Stabenow has never budged an inch in that direction.
       Don't be mislead.  Stabenow did have an interest in the job and fought long and hard with former Congressman Howard Wolpe for the nomination. She settled for the second spot on the ticket but she and Wolpe lost to john Engler in a battle that was not even close.
      But that was way back when and this is now and Stabenow concludes, "I can serve Michigan best where I am" as the highest ranking woman in the U.S. democratic ranks including a seat on the powerful Finance Committee.
      "Why would I want to leave?" she asks herself and then answers the question saying she does not .  Yet others fret about the trio running for governor, and they will tell her she can win this thing if she got in.
       Easy for somebody else to say and certainly easier said than done.
       Former social worker Stabenow was not a math major but she can add this stuff up and it makes zero sense for her to make the run even though she would not have to give up her senate seat to do it.
      She is ensconced in a fairly safe seat in the world's most exclusive debating society.  She has been given substantive issues to tackle and has a grand working relationship with the Obama administration.
      Baring any unforseen pratfalls, she should glide into another six year term when she runs again in 2012.
      So why rock the boat when she is on a smooth sailing projectory?
       Nonetheless the phones will ring and ring and her staff will repeat and repeat that the boss is not interested.
      That's a no, then?
      "That's a no," she fires back hoping to snip this speculation off before it multiplies.


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