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Thursday, April 1, 2010

There He Goes Again

There he goes again. You gotta hand it to Geoffrey Fieger. He
knows how to play the news media like a Stradivarius and we get
suckered in every time.
"Fieger May Run for Governor" the headlines screamed in a bad
case of deja vu all over again.
Right, and Tennessee will win the NCAA basketball championship!
Fieger can go months without saying squat and then he shows up
out of nowhere doing a TV show over in Grand Rapids and he dangles this
dandy in front of buddy Rick Albin.
"I've…got the documents. I'm examining the documents to run," he
breathlessly manipulated the media on the same story he's been
manipulating since they invented news print.
Take this to the bank sports fans: Geoffy-poo is not running for
governor just like he didn't run for mayor of Detroit, despite
speculation that he might, and just like he might run for Pope only he
is not Catholic.
Review what he said, "I've…got the documents."
Wow. Stop the presses. He's got the documents.
Your dog could have the documents and could even been studying
them, before he eats them, and he could be running for governor, too.
So why do we get roped into this each and every time? Because,
and Mr. Fieger knows this, he is good copy.
Fierger is to political correspondents what crack is to a
drugy…you just can't put it down once you start using it and the news
media has been using Fieger for years and vice versa.
Don't be mislead, the capitol press corps would love to have
him in the governor's office. He'd be a hoot to cover and would
amount to the full employment bill for political writers if he was
running his mouth and the state at the same tim
But alas boys and girls, Fieger can exam all he wants and when
the filing deadline of May 11th rolls around the papers will read:
Fierger Won't Run for Governor.
But stick this in your bonnet. If Attorney General Mike Cox
gets the GOP nomination for governor, watch Fieger turn into a one-man
wrecking crew to defeat his "Bud" Mr. Cox. That one you can print and


Blogger Ron Estrada said...

Mike Cox should thank God if Jeffy-pooh campaigns against him. That's like having Fidel Castro support a presidential candidate. Oh wait...that worked.

April 7, 2010 at 9:28 AM 
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April 8, 2010 at 3:34 AM 

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