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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cue the Relatives

John Engler's Mom did it.
Mike Bouchard's daughter did it, too
And now 13 year-old Kelsey Snyder is getting in on the act.
At some point in each election year, you can count on relatives of
candidates appearing in a commercial.
It's a great way to "humanize" the candidates to make them look and
fell like they are one of us.
"Hey, I've got a Mother just like John Engler. Imagine that. So,
he must be a great guy," the voters must have said years ago when Agnes
Engler appeared in a soft and fuzzy commercial. She noted that he son
had been demonized so much by his opponent that even she had a tough
time recognizing him as her son. She reassured everyone that indeed he
was and he was not as bad as Geoffrey Fieger made him out to be.
Just recently GOP governor candidate Rick Snyder asked his daughter
to "star" in his latest tube offering and she said yes and worked with
the campaign on what to say. She's been in three theatre productions
and loves to sing so this was a no brainer for her.
First she beautifully rolled her eyes and told the camera, "My dad
is such a nerd." Then she explained that he's a businessman, not a
politician, as if having a politician for a dad would be grounds for
foster care. In case you missed the point, she repeats, "He's the only
businessman running so he's the only one that even knows what he's
Oh. Oh Kelsey. Mike Cox, Pete Hoekstra, Mike Bouchard and Tom George
are not going to like that. As your daddy's competition, they think
it's the other way around.
To be sure her comments about the opponents were not mean-spirited
but it was a jab none the less which got the point across to voters
without offending them. After all who could get upset with such a cute
13 year-old stuck with a nerd for a dad.
But let's see what Mike Bouchard's daughter has to say about that.
In fact, every candidate has a kid, so let's trot them out, too.
And the good news is, they will probably work for nothing.
As for Kelsey, let us collectively hope that she never wants to
become a career politician.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snyder's toast. He's a nerd, yes, and elbows deep into lofty progressive visions of tomorrow, whereas our house is burning down today.

Sorry, Mr. Snyder, but hobnobbing with venture capitalists, and jiggering finances and lobbying politicians to favor you with tax breaks is NOT the proper background to enact public policy. In fact, you venture capitalist vultures have been soaking up a bit too MUCH cash these past years, and helping bankrupt this State, and the nation as well.

Looking forward to the good people of Michigan sending you back where you belong, doing what you do best... finding a soft corporate welfare teat to suck on.

May 15, 2010 at 2:17 PM 

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