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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sam and Geoff

Pop quiz: Name two prominent trial lawyers in Detroit.
Chances are you came up with Sam and Geoff.
You know Sam Bernstein cause he and his family are on TV more than
some news anchors. And you know Geoffrey Fieger because, well because
he's Geoffrey Fieger.
But did you ever stop to ponder that while Sam has spent millions to
buy his name ID, Fieger rarely buys any commercials and yet he has name
parity with Mr. B.
Fieger can thank the news media for that and we just witnessed
another example of how the Geoff-ster manipulates all the free media he
"Fieger to announce on TV whether he will run for governor," the
news headlines revealed last Saturday providing a dandy freebie hype to
watch Fieger on WDIV-TV.
Recall that originally Fieger was going to make his breath-taking
announcement on Saturday, but being the sharp cookie that he is, he
realized his measly little story would be relegated to the obit section
because President Obama and the Hockey Mom were both in town.
Fieger's good copy, but not even he can trump him and her.
Consequently he wisely waited for Sunday and to no one's surprise
he opted out of the race.
Told ya so.
Weeks ago Fieger boogied over to Grand Rapids and told a local TV
guy that, "I have the papers" to file and "I'm studying them right now."
It was vintage Fieger playing the same, "I might run for
governor" card that he's been playing for years.
In deciding not to run he told Local 4 that he was so "outspoken"
that professional politicians would "make me the issue."
Come on. Is that best "excuse" he could come up with? Big bad
Fieger afraid of becoming the issue? Paa-leazze.
Bottom line: Fieger consumed thousands of dollars of free media
over three weeks, while Sam spent a like amount paying for his media
Maybe Mr. Bernstein should just buy some "Sam for Governor" signs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skoop, Feiger has bought PLENTY of television advertisement over the decades. And when he was recently being threatened with a criminal prosecution, and subject to going to the hoosegow for the campaign contributions he illegally made, he bought PLENTY of TV time, in order to taint the jury pool.

May 10, 2010 at 9:51 AM 

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