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In and outs of the political campaigns, focusing on Michigan and Lansing, Tim Skubick will report regularly throughout the primary and then general election campaigns.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Johnny Comes Marching Home

Chill out Michigan. John Engler may be buying a luxurious home in
Michigan but it does not mean he's itching to get his fingers back in
Michigan politics.
By now you've probably heard the speculation that surfaced at the
beginning of the year turned out to be spot on even though close
friends of the former governor and Mrs. denied the rumors.
Turns out, the Englers were looking and did purchase a new manse is
on a small lake just outside of Lansing which listed for a cool
$650,000 and boasts 4,200 square feet including four bedrooms, remember
there are three teenagers in the family and four bathrooms. If Mr.
Engler is lucky, as the only guy in the joint, he may actually get to
use one…if he is extra nice.
Anyway in this very political town the "he's coming back to run for
office" meter has been off the charts. Why else would he buy a house
the soothsayers keep asking?
Maybe he just wanted to have one in his home state.
Aw. That's no fun. He must be itching to take on Debbie Stabenow
for the U.S. Senate in 2012. What, and take a pay cut.
What's left of the Engler cabal in town is down playing all the
wild speculation.
He won't run confides long time Engler groupie and noted barrister
Richard McLellan.
Former Engler media mouthpiece John Truscott goes, "Ditto."
What would you expect them to say?
"Oh sure. John wants to serve in the senate and is coming home to
run for that." When were the Engler folks that forth coming on anything
like that? Answer never.
The one person who has not chimed in is Michelle Engler and the
popular wisdom has it that she has had it with elective politics…for
her hubby.
But what about a Michelle vs. Debbie mud wrestling match in two
After all she is the one who picked out the new digs.