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Monday, May 31, 2010

Not So Favorite Son

Oakland County's favorite son turns out not to be much of a
favorite in the contest for State Attorney General. This is not good
news for the Mike Bishop for A.G. campaign which continues to play
second fiddle to front-runner Bill Schuette on the GOP side.
In the latest polling date which is not statewide but focused only
on Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties, undecided wins in a landslide
with 42% of the folks in that column.
No big shocker there since finding a replacement for Mike Cox is
not exactly making headlines these days.
Nonetheless you would expect that Mr. Bishop, who has served
Oakland County in both the house and senate would gobble up more than
the "whopping" 19% he got from his home county. Schuette who did not
grow up anywhere near Oakland County is within striking distance at
12% of the Oakland County tally.
However, it is not all bad news for the "favorite son." With hard
core GOP voters in those three areas, Bishop rounds-up 33% of the vote
to Schuette's 20%. And that finding is significant in that those
hard-corers (if that is a word) are the ones who will pick the A.G.
nominee at a GOP state convention this August.
On the gender front, Bishop does better with males as 45% of all
female voters sitting comfortably on the fence.
At this juncture, to be frank, any polling is not only a snap
shot, it's probably no indicator of the outcome as all of the
candidates are not vying for the public's attention. They need
delegate support since they are the ones who will pick the winner.
BTW the lone Democrat, David Leyton who defeated Richard Bernstein
for that party's nomination, beat the two R's by a 29-17% margin over
Bishop and 29-9% over Schuette.
Leyton is the Genesee County prosecutor in case you're wondering
who the heck he is, too


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