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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Endorsement Scorecard

Years ago a political endorsement from some big mucky-mucky carried
some muscle. When UAW head Walter Ruether roared out an order to vote
for this guy or that guy, the poor schulb on the line got in lineā€¦or
Oh my. Those days are long gone. Former UAW President Doug Fraser
was aghast when his rank and file picked George
"Don't-Call-Me-A-Racist" Wallace during a Michigan Presidential Primary
way back in th 70's.
So why all the hub bub about the recent spat of endorsements in the
race for governor.
Pete Hoekstra picked up an important Macomb County amigo in the form
of Congresswomen Candice Miller and earlier he snagged the Newtster,
former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. And that came after Mitt
Romney's blessing, too.
But out of left field comes Mike Cox who opened a lot of eyes in
this town when the Michigan Chamber of Commerce picked him. To say it
was a surprise is grand understatement.
There were "real" biz guys in contention other than the Attorney
General. After all Hoekstra use to work at Herman Miller furniture and
Rick Snyder is an even "realer" business guy.
So what gives at the chamber?
First non-career politician Snyder refused to fill out the "job
application" for the Chamber which meant he would not even be
Hoekstra on the other hand was considered and rejected because in
part his performance in front of a 13 member screening committee "was
not his best" confides a would be supporter. But another source in the
room reports Hoekstra gave a sterling performance.
Conversely, Cox was on his game and dazzled everyone including
knowing the names of everyone around the table.
And on the same day, Cox also nailed the blessing and maybe some of
the moola of Dick and Betsy DeVos. It was a nice two-fer and it may
have influenced the Chamber vote?
Callers wanted to know why Hoeskstra was stiffed by his fellow West
Michiganians? Let's just say he doesn't travel in the same rich
circles as D and B and long time buds they have never been.
Translated, he was never in the running.
So does all this matter?
In a GOP primary with five candidates it does. In a general
election, where the voting pool is more crowded, not so much.
Tne next big enchilada to drop will be Michigan Right to Life and
some believe the fix is in for Cox to nab that, too.


Anonymous Neil J. Lehto said...

Winner: E. B. White Hall of Fame for cliches per paragraph.

June 13, 2010 at 4:43 AM 

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