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Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking Early for a Mate

He's actually thinking about it, but has not pulled the trigger.
It's generally assumed that if Democratic candidate for governor Virg
Bernero does not raise a bundle of cash soon or do something else to
change the game, he may be back to being full tim Mayor of Lansing on
August 4th.
The contest with Andy Dillon is not over but Dillon has a
comfortable lead even though he is not the darling of many in the labor
movement and Bernero is. Yet Dillon's not popping any corks since a
whopping 70% of the Democrats have not pick him or Bernero.
That means this is anybody's nomination.
Yet there are concerns within the Bernero camp besides the money
That may be the reason, he is looking to repeat a little bit of
Michigan history to turn this race around.
Back when Democrat Larry Owen ran for governor, prior to the
primary, he announced his running mate. Since he needed electoral help
in Detroit, he selected Rep. Teola Hunter who hails from that town.
It was a nifty move, caught the political media off guard and
generated a new story line. Had it not been for the fact that one of
Owen's opponents was very popular in Detroit, it might have worked.
But as it turned out that guy, somebody named Fieger, beat both
Owen and Hunter and the early lt. governor strategy went into the
history books as a "close but no cigar" moment.
Only to be revived recently by Mark Gaffney who runs the state
AFL-CIO. He reveals he has recommended to the Mayor to do the same
thing and find a minority female from Detroit or another urban area and
make the announcement before August 3.
Bernero has not tipped his hand on this but it's a good bet that
an informal search is underway even as you read this blog. The problem
is the casting call does not have many to audition.
Meanwhile, as long as the speculation lamp is lite, how about this
one: Andy Dillon may consider Denise Ilitch for his running mate.
Recall she flirted with running for governor way back when and has
Detroit and business ties and the two share consultants and friends.
My, my this could get interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Ilitch selection will be pilloried by all. Dillon has to legitimately claim that he's a break from the past, and she's not that.

I can't imagine she'd want to take a second fiddle position, either.

Dillon can win the governorship, but he's got to play his cards carefully, and wait for the tide to come in after he wins the primary.

July 13, 2010 at 6:51 AM 

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