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Monday, August 16, 2010

Can't You Guys Get Along?

Can't these two agree on anything?
When and if Gov. Jennifer Granholm writes her book on running the
she has to devote at least one chapter to Mike Bishop. About the only
thing she and the GOP senate leader have in common is a mole on their
Actually she could get several chapters out their contentious,
sometimes childish, and sometimes unproductive relationship and here's
the latest example of same, concerning the third round of federal
bail-out money.
Just in the nick of time, the President and Congress, sans many
GOPers, rode into town with a fat check of $660 million for schools and
health care for the needy.
That comes pretty close to covering the state's projected deficit
and was seen by the governor as manna from you-know-where. Not her
buddy Bishop.
He has staked out this stance: Let's make more cuts to eradicate
the budget hole. He wants to figure out "how to exist without that
federal money period. I want to put the cut list on the table."
The governor would rather not cut more services. She's been
cutting for eight solid years and her cutting axe is getting dull.
But the Oakland County Republican is thinking long term. He
advocates for making more cuts to eliminate long term state spending
which the state can't afford better known as the beloved "structural
Sensing that his attitude was not winning raved reviews from both
D's and R's, most of whom are running for reelection this fall,
Bishop's office has done a little back-peddling. A spokesperson says
Bishop's statement was "philosophical.'
Which is legislative code for, I ain't going to win this fight,
but will go down for the count, before the other side wins.
Maybe she will send him a thank you note for not blocking the
federal aid?
Right. And the Tigs are on their way to the World Series, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the cutting axe is "dull", eh?

Sorry, but the state employee 4% pay increase just sailed through, in a state with 15% unemployment. That cutting axe is plenty sharp, shiny and unused.

Try again, Skoop.

August 16, 2010 at 8:08 AM 

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