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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Envelope Please

Before you pick the real winners on Tuesday, it's time for some
The envelope please.
Best Commercial Category: Rick Snyder's nerd commercial. It
captured everyone's attention, stimulated chatter all over the joint on
whether it was the right image to win the governor's race. It moved
him from Rick Who into a dead heat for the nomination.
Worst Yard Sign: Rick Snyder again. His "Rick Michigan" sign
defies all logic in political advertising. The guy's name is Snyder not
Michigan and every voter looking for Rick Michigan may or may not
figure out who the heck he is.
Best Strategy Concept: Pete Hoekstra with his Fortress Hoekstra
idea. He started the campaign with a strong base on the west side of
the state which is why opponents have tried to tear the fortress down
with a ton of anti-Hoesktra commercials. He's a dead duck if the fort
is dismantled. Second place also goes to the Holland guy. Five years
ago, long before he thought about running for governor, he landed on
the concept of appearing on FOX News as often as he could. It built his
name recognition with the very voters he now needs to send him to
Best Makeover and Teflon Candidate: Mike Cox. He went from an
aggressive Marine taking hill, to being a polite gentleman thanking the
moderator in one debate for every question that was asked. Internal
polling may have shown Marines are O.K. for storming beaches, but
female voters are
looking for Dudley Do-Right. And despite at the negative stuff tossed
at him, he's still standing.
Best Idea that Failed: Mike Bouchard. It looked brilliant picking
Terri Lynn Land as a running mate. It was a way to peck away at
Fortress Hoeksta given her strong roots on the West side of the state.
it will take a Hail Mary, not a Hail Terri, for him to pull this one
Makes the Most Sense Award: Tom George. He was the conscience of
the campaign sniping at others who over promised too many tax cuts
without enough cash to pay for them. He was spot on, responsible and
very Lt. Governor like.
The Can't Pull Trigger Award: Hands down. Andy Dillon. His
decision to actually run was two years in the making which fostered the
feeling that his heart was never in it. He disagrees.
The Head of the Curve/Gutsy Move Award: Virg Bernero. Long before
anybody had the nerve to say John Cherry could not get the democratic
nomination for governor, there was Virg mouthing off and getting it
right. Cherry dropped out leaving him to ponder, what if?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you are very accurate in your awards. You seem to have your favorite so why not just come out and say "I support so & so" instead of dealing in the dirt throwing, leave that to the politicians. Not a very good blog in my opinion, you seem dated and seem to think you have comedic talents.

August 3, 2010 at 10:00 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, I like that you gave Snyder the award for the "Nerd Ad", especially since you have been slagging him for it on "OTR" the whole election season. All you did for weeks was talk about how "nerd" had a negative connotation and how it gave him name recognition, but would never work in the long run...Nice punditry.

August 4, 2010 at 10:53 AM 

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