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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Was Kinda Shocked

State Senator Patty Birkhotlz was sitting at home the other night
when the phone rang. It was what they call in the biz, a robo call,
and the person on the other end wanted to know who she favored for
Republican Birkholtz from the West Side of the state explains the
call was from the Rick Snyder campaign.
So far this is a pretty routine story. Lots of folks are annoyed
by those robo calls almost daily. But the next question really got her
"Would you favor Patty Birkholtz" as a running mate with Mr.
Snyder the caller asked Ms.Birkholtz?
"I was kinda shocked," she recalls.
Yeah, but what did you say?
"Well I said, of course, I would support Patty Birkholtz on the
ticket," she laughed.
It is known that Mr. Snyder is testing both current and former
legislators for the second spot on the ticket and he calls that a "good
idea" but his campaign also reports he is testing other non-political
names as well.
Some might see this as a bit premature since it's not clear if
the Ann Arbor business guy will be the GOP nominee. But it is
consistent with Snyder who has a vision and a plan and finding someone
compatible with both is his objective.
So what about Birkholtz? Since her name was officially in the
mix, is she interested?
"I would love to help the next admistration in anyway I can," she
answered without answering the question..
So if he asked would you say yes?
"Obviously there are a lot of things to consider with that."
But you would not say no?
Now she is laughing again as she starts to move away from the
camera, "This is a no fair interview. I have to get back to my office."
Perhaps to answer some more robo calls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Skoop, I fart blood.

July 18, 2010 at 8:11 PM 

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