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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Did You Like the Debate?

A conversation with two older adults.
So Grandma what did you think of the debate the other night with the
GOP candidates for governor?
Actually Sonny, I watched the All-Star game.
What about you Nana?
There was one candidate who seemed very nice and polite and very
well mannered. He said thank you for every question that he got. I
liked that. Who was it?
What did he look like?
He was short.
Oh, that must have been Mike Cox. If he was polite, that was a real
change from his previous debate behavior where he's been very
aggressive and acted like a Marine..cause he was one. Any other
Yes, there was another young man. I seem to recall he had two first
You mean Tom George?
Right. He was a real little devil. He was not polite like Mr.
Cox. He kept talking about how the other gentlemen were offering tax
breaks that the state could not afford. That made sense to me but he
was always referring to a Con-Con. Did that have to do with letting
convicts out of prison?
No. Its an issue on the ballot to create a constitutional
convention to rewrite all state laws.
Oh. He thought that was a great idea but the other three said it
would cost too much money and the guy on the end said it would create
too much uncertainty.
That was Pete Hoekstra.
Hoekstra as in Hoekstra. What else did he say?
He said something about sending your kids to a home school or a
religious school and have the state give you a tax credit for that.
Didn't we vote on that years ago?
Yep. It went down in flames.
And Sonny there was another guy up there who said he was John
Wayne. I know Mr. Wayne and that man is no John Wayne.
(Laughter) That was the Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. He
thinks if you send a sheriff to the state capitol, he can clean up the
Does that mean he'd put all the lawmakers in jail?
One can only hope, my dear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on Tim.

July 14, 2010 at 6:02 AM 
Blogger Hubert said...

Hokestra was the winner. Scilian asked a critical question that Bouchard fumbled on regarding his pension which the media should pursue. He argues for reducing and eliminating benefits, that include pensions, for state employees yet he benefited with a nice pension from the state while he was in the legislature. If he doesn't know how much of a pension he gets from the state how can one expect him to manage an entity as large as Michigan government? He was evasive and not credible on that issue whcih suggests that he gets a very nice benefit. He is consumate hypocrite like the Governor who served the state when he was in the legislature. Double standard John. Ok for me to have perks but the hell with you the career civil servant who makes the state run. The media shoud seriously look into this matter and invesstigate whether he gets a very lucrative cost of living benifit that increases his annual pension benefit. Bouchard wants state employees to have their benefits reduced to subsidize the retirement benefit that he and John Engler get. BS!!!!!!!!!

July 14, 2010 at 7:15 AM 
Anonymous William Laimbeer said...

Yo Skoop, is our date still on for saturday?

July 14, 2010 at 12:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did Cox turn orange? Looks Congressman Boehner of Ohio gave Mike a pass to his tanning parlor. And when did Cox start sounding like English is a second language? Interesting that the undecided women voters in the WDIV panel thought Cox was very arrogant and did not like him without even mentioning his inability to keep his pants on.

July 14, 2010 at 4:28 PM 

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