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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Dead Duck" Still Quacking

"Mark Brewer (State Democratic Party chair) is not going to like
this,' blurted out Lansing pollster Bernie Porn just after he got off
camera basically declaring Virg Bernero a dead duck in the Democratic
race for governor.
"He has waited too long. I doubt it can be done. It would be a
dramatic turnaround for him to pull it out" the EPIC-MRA guy delivered
the bad news to the local TV audience.
At about the same time he was saying that, the "dead duck" was
appearing at a private fundraiser at the County Club of Lansing.
Hosted by a former MSU football star Tico Ducket and attended by an
array of lobbyist, party activists and a local land developer, Mr.
Bernero was pep-talking everyone into believing he "polls are wrong."
What else could he say, the polls are right?
The latest such survey had him down by twenty points with House
Speaker Andy Dillon sitting in the cat-bird seat with less than three
weeks to go.
The "Virg" has never lack for guts and passion. In the dead of
winter, with Lt. Gov. John Cherry still in the race for governor, there
was Bernero inching ever so close to announcing his candidacy while
boldly suggesting "Cherry can't win." He was right. Cherry can't win
cause he dropped out.
What the "Virg" has always lacked was the money to sell himself
and his passion to the voters.
One recalls sitting on the ninth floor of the Lansing City Hall
last January and the mayor had visions of replicating the Internet fund
raising miracle that President Obama masterminded. You could see the
dollar signs in the mayor's baby blues. Problem is his Internet was
not nearly as productive.
"The Mayor is popular in Lansing," one of his union backer
declared the other day. With that and 75 cents you can buy a cup of
Joe..not an election.
But then word recently came out that some of the heavy hitters
in the labor movement were pledging $2.5 million to revive the duck.
It's one thing to say you will spend that much; quite another to
actually do it. If unions don't cough it up, Andy Dillon is your
democratic nominee for governor.
Quack. Quack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are all your entries formatting like shit? The margins change every line and it hurts my eyes! Learn to internet Skoop.

July 16, 2010 at 10:54 AM 

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