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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool It on the Career Politician Stuff

The democratic candidates for Secretary of State and Attorney
General have been watching too many Rick Snyder commercials where he
blasts all those nasty "career politicians."
It's pretty clear that bashing them is the most popular indoor
sport these days but Jocelyn Benson and David Leyton may have gone too
"It's a prosecutor vs. a career politician," Leyton the Genesee
County Prosecutor laid into his GOP opponent for A.G. Bill Schuette on
the convention floor in Detroit Sunday.
And it seems Ms. Benson took the same tact when she took on her
opponent Ruth Johnson.
The Oakland County clerk is a career pol and most folks would
agree Schettee is too even though he denies it.
So why can't Benson and Leyton take advantage of this anti
politician mood to whip up some support with the anti-government cabal?
Take a gander at the top of the Democratic ticket for the answer.
Oh. Oh. Virg Benero's resume looks like a career office holder
and his running mate Brenda Lawrence is not exactly wet behind the ears
either. Benson and Leyton can't have it both ways. If career
politicians are bad, all of them are bad including Bernero and Lawrence.
The issue came up in the Leyton interview when he hit Schuette
for being part of the political establishment.
The reporter noted that the same thing applied to Bernero.
Leyton, grasping for a life line, complained, "You didn't ask
about governor."
That didn't matter since the inconsistency of his argument was as
as the nose on his face.
"I didn't hear the inconsistency," he tried to cover his
And as for Ms. Benson, wonder if she was taken to the wood shed by
somebody in the party about her comments?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is fair to say that both Leyton and Benson won't be within a country mile of Bernero as the campaign continues. Aisde from the Dem convention, they will never be seen again with their Gov candidate if they are smart. They should give a big NO to buying a ticket to get on Virg's Titanic.

September 2, 2010 at 6:12 AM 

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