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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rumor Mill in Overdrive

If you expunged all the rumors out of state government, there would be nothing to talk about.
For weeks, the ranks of state civil servants have been awash in emails back and forth asserting that there is an early retirement deal.
Oh my. This is like manna from heaven for the thousands of state workers who have had it up to here on slashing their benefits and salaries: they just want to get out of Dodge and be done with it.
But before they get on that horse, they would like a little sweetener. Translated: If you fatten my retirement check, I will leave.
So far the only thing that has been enlarged is the speculation that the deal has been struck.
“No, there is no deal,” House Speaker Andy Dillon poked a hole in that balloon the other day.
Ditto from Governor Granholm and her budget guru, Bobby Emerson.
But, all three are counting on delivering a deal because they need the $100 million in supposed savings that would result if the senior and most expensive members of the state work force took a hike.
Dillon is engaged in what appears to be constructive talks with some state government labor leaders. “I’ve been meeting with labor to see, “If you don’t like this, than what?” I haven’t seen “what” yet.”
The governor says everyday that slips by, it is tougher to raise the $100 million.
Now for those of you who benefit from state services, you have to be asking what impact does an early out have on me?
After all if all the senior prison guards and those who dole out unemployment checks leave, where does that leave you?
Not to worry. Even though they might head to Florida where half of Michigan now resides, the governor says she will replace “critical” workers which will keep you out of harms way.


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