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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He Said and He Agreed

The caller on the other end of the line had just seen Pete
Hoekstrs on the tube as he thrashed Michigan Right to Life for costing
him the GOP nomination for governor. Hoekstra called for the firing of
the RTL President Barb Listing because she engineered the group's
endorsement for Mike Cox.
"He's a whiner," complained this unnamed political source. "Why
don't you call a guy like Rep. Ken Horn for a different take on the
Hey, it's always a good idea to provide some balance especially
if somebody felt Hoekstra really was a twit for complaining.
So much for that.
Rep. Horn out of Saginaw reports the Hoekstra's comments were
"spot on."
"I was very disappointed in Right to Life (and) was scratching my
head" as to why they went with Cox," who finished third in the
five-person race.
Hoesktra in that Public TV interview noted that RTL had lost
credibility and Horn agrees with that, too.
He says every group has a "credibility pool" and when a mistake
is made you dip into it to restore your standing. In this case, the
anti-abortion lawmaker concludes, "Their credibility pool has been
sucked dry."
As for removing Ms. Listing from office, Horn first says, "I'm
not sure I'd endorse that idea," but then he sort of warms to the
subject suggesting that "Something dramatic has to happen" to correct
the "terrible mistake" that was made.
"Somebody's head has to roll…I wouldn't be surprised if that
happened. It's not up to me to say," he argues.
Now the bigger question is, do Mr. Horn and Mr. Hoekstra reflect
a sentiment that is deeper than the two of them? And if so, is Ms.
Listing in trouble?
Someone from her side of the story dismisses Hoekstra's comments
as "sour grapes" based on the fact that he ran a lousy campaign.
Democrats must be lovin' this..a fracture in the GOP power base.


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