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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New State Slogan

Michigan already has a slogan about seeking a pleasant peninsula,
but the Michigan legislature should adopt another one: Why do today,
what you can do tomorrow?
Fixated on getting re-elected, most of the state's 148 legislators
abandoned the people's business to take care of their own business this
Since July 4th, they've done virtually zippo to adopt a new state
budget and here we sit with Labor Day's shadow in view, and they are
just now getting down to business.
"I see no sense of urgency," lamented the state budget director the
other day. Bob Emerson confirms that nothing was done on the budget
this summer but putting on his happy face he opines, "There is no
reason for us not to get this finished. This is a fairly easy thing."
Lansing doesn't do easy. If it did, the budget would have been
wrapped on on July 1st which is the target date the governor set last
The governor was asked to grade the legislative budget "homework"
to date and she dropped back five yards and punted. "You know I don't
like to give grades (especially if it's an F) but it's an incomplete
right now."
No kidding.
But alas, the governor now has a budget reduction plan that she's
been fine tuning all summer and there is a window of opportunity to get
this job done and since it does not have a tax hike in it, the GOP
leadership is all smiles.
However first things first. There are two political conventions
at the end of the month where all the pols rub elbows and try to grease
their way towards reelection. After all that is Job One and there's
plenty of time to meet the deadline of October first for finishing the
Cue the new state slogan.


Blogger marv rein said...

STILL 'wondering" why? no renvue making BUSINESSes coming to MICHigan,is it the UNIONs? UNions are so weak,,there not even worth using. Is it Detroit?so many profit types 'could' be there,,but NOPED I see many profit Businesses,'could'out-state too,that never even talked about?
maybe it's like,,TROY made,,that does not know the differ between,,American made,,and other,,or it's cheaper to use what OAKLAND tax money given to TROY,,then THE contracts with Mccomb county for Services.
The High priced BARS parking lots in TR0y r your GRANT tax money is being will used.and in TROY the CHARITY poker games goes 24/7.

August 20, 2010 at 5:21 AM 

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