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Friday, September 17, 2010

Now Boys...

Obviously the GOP governor hopeful Rick Snyder has had his
challenges with his opponent Virg Bernero but how about the ones he has
had with Mike Bishop? Bishop of course is not a Democrat and is the GOP
leader of the Senate and he and him have not always seen eye to eye.
"I think we have a little culture clash going on here," observes
the Oakland County Republican. Translated: Snyder is from outside
Lansing and Bishop and his guys are deeply imbedded in the capitol
culture that Mr. Snyder seeks to turn on its ear.
No one is quite sure when this problem began but it certainly was
evident when Bishop appeared on "Off the Record" weeks ago and
suggested the Snyder business tax scheme would result in a "tax
increase on small business" and he labeled it "pie in the sky."
Snyder did not originally see the broadcast but he sure as heck
read about it and wasted little time in contacting M. B. Bishop was
not trying to be mean, he just felt the Snyder proposal needed some
work. Call it, if you will, a constructive criticism. Apparently the
candidate was not amused.
Now to make matters worse, the aforementioned Mr. Bernero is
running around the state blasting the Snyder business tax and quoting,
who else, Mike Bishop in his blast. It goes something like this: Not
even the senate GOP leader likes the Snyder tax. Betya they don't like
that in Nerd-ville.
This was followed by a dust up between Snyder's spokesperson and
Bishop's mouthpiece. It was an ugly exchange from two guys who have
had issues in the past.
Asked about all this the other day, Bishop dismissed it as "much
to do about nothing." A bit of a stretch but then who is keeping score?
"We've got to stop sniping at one another," he said and then
immediately corrected himself with "we aren't sniping at each other."
Which is it?
Regardless he says he and the candidate have been exchanging
text messages and peace apparently is at hand...for the moment?


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