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Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Deposit

From James Ikechukwu,

Hello ,

I need your services in a confidential matter regarding a family
beneficiary deposit. This requires a private arrangement.You will receive
these funds under legal claims; all legal documents will be carefully
worked out to ensure a risk free transfer. I am willing to pay a generous
management fee as well as appreciation as soon as this transaction is

I have all the details. The funds in question are quite large. I will
expect a straight answer from you. If you are willing to assist, kindly
furnish me with your personal information which must include your direct
cell phone and fax number,then lets work
out the modalities.

Please call me or sms directly through my private phone
number.+234-80-59090694.Thanks as I expect to hear from you.

James Ikechukwu


Blogger marv rein said...

I believe these, r strange,but could be small steps of putting a seek-er bug,spam,cookie,or other harder to find spy bug,if you open it,,as you laugh the attempt, a small piece of a bigger threat is built inside your computer.
Reason why. I google all my screen names,alais's,and my differ ways I spell my name,which all have E-mails,Only one name opens these attemps,but as I google that name..on page 30,I found a FACEBOOK page,written half in English and half in IRan language.
I could be wrong,but the Iran page is a mirror of what I type in That screen name,plus what ever is written in this language.
6 months ago,as I typed my computer keys became very hard and lost one of boards,I had the computer guy do an Industrial computer spy/restore and he said,,I have a some real hard things, 2 remove,and could not assure me ,that they were removed.

September 12, 2010 at 9:13 AM 

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