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Monday, September 6, 2010

He Said. He Said Back.

Oh boy, this one will be a hoot.
Circle your sked for October first cause that will be the first and
perhaps last televised debate between the two guys who would be the
state's next attorney general.
And Republican Bill Schuette and Democrat David Leyton are already
going at it even though they have never met face to face.
"The race is about a prosecutor, me, vs. a career politician, him.
He's been in and out of politics and elective office for 30 years."
That would be Mr. Leyton speaking about Mr. Schuette.
Not to be outdone Mr. Schuette suggests, "There out to be a sign
on top of the attorney general's office that says, "Inexperience need
not apply."
And that's just the beginning.
Schuette goes on to claim that the Genesee County Prosecutor has
failed at protecting the folks in Flint noting that local officials
wanted the National Guard to come in to calm things dow when the
shooting got too loud.
Leyton asserts, "I've been prosecuting criminals, 20,000 for the
last five and a half years, with a 92% conviction rate." And he tosses
in for good measure that while he's been on the front line fighting the
bad guys, Schuette was ensconced on the high court bench. Leyton
doesn't say it, but he implies not many bad guys show up there with
their guns drawn.
Undaunted, Schuette rejoins, "My being a judge for six years
trumps anybody out there."
You can see the pattern here. It's tit for tat and pretty soon
this will degenerate into rat-a-tat-tat which of course will make for a
dandy televised debate on Can hardly wait.


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