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Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Too Many Questions

Everything was going along swimmingly. The media was having at Rick
Snyder and Mr. Snyder was standing there taking the questions and
providing some pretty decent answers just like a regular politician.
Oops. Sorry.
There were inquires about who should run the Detroit schools?
Another about Michigan's economy coming back, and the candidate was
"this" close to ending the thing on a high note.
And then the boom fell.
While Mr. Snyder was performing, a reporter remembered an earlier
story with the state Democratic Party chair.
In the wake of the rather tumultuous and sometimes disorganized
state GOP Convention, Mark Brewer raised a poignant question: If the
Nerd can't run a party convention, how can he possibly run the state?
Since "fairness" is the name of the game, it seemed only fair to
have Mr. Snyder check in on his reaction to the Brewer swipe.
First he paused as he digested the inference that he could not run
the government and then he began, "Our convention went fine again and
there were some logistical issues that the party had on how they
organized it…."
For those who missed it, the "logicistical" issues included
hundreds of the GOP faithful standing in line for two hours or more in
a boiling sun because the party did not have a mechanism to get them
safely into the Breslin Center.
Party Chair Ron Weiser took the bullet and confessed that somebody
screwed up.
Mr. Snyder deftly declined to share in any part of the screwing
up.. (See he really is another career politician.)
Just as the reporter was poised to ask a follow up question, Mr.
Snyder's media guy jumped in. "Thanks a lot guys.' End of scrum but
not the end of the questioning.
Snyder is now looking for the escape hatch but gets this, "As a
good business guy should you not have had a plan in place to take care
of that?"
Pretty good question, don't you think? After all Mr. Snyder says
he's got a plan for this and a plan for that. Why didn't he and is hot
shot team check and cross check what his party was doing to make sure
the convention ran like a top? And like any good business executive,
why didn't he have a Plan B set to go, if a problem arose.
So what was Mr. Snyder's response as he strolled toward the door as
the TV cameras chronicled his walk out the door?
Nothing. Not even a no comment. Just a little laughter and a
march straight to the exit.
Make of that what you will, if anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bubble Boy Rick can't take the heat, but he still does not realize that a Governor has to stand up and answer questions. It seems like BBR wants the job without the pre employment interview. Who would hire someone a hire new employee who does not answer all the questions and why is BBR so arrogant as to believe Michigan should hire him just because he made millions shipping jobs to China?

September 4, 2010 at 12:52 PM 

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