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Monday, December 27, 2010

New governor helps his cause by reaching out to Detroit

Somebody may have to show him where the front steps of the state capitol are, but give the incoming governor credit for asking Dave Bing to anchor the inaugural ceremonies on New Year’s Day. And give the Mayor of Detroit high marks for saying yes.
For a guy who portrays himself as the non-career politician, Gov.-Elect Snyder is using one of the big tools in the politician’s tool box: Symbolism.
Candidate Snyder was not bashful about moving around the state and uttering what no other GOP candidate for governor has uttered in 40 years: We need to be a partner with Detroit.
As you know, anytime you move past Eight Mile Road and say that, you are asking for trouble in out state Michigan where Detroit is a four-letter word.
So here comes the new gov. putting the Mayor of Motown front and center for the whole state to see.
It’s a good move but ya gotta wonder whether all those anti-Detroit and right wing Republicans will cotton to this?
To be sure nobody will say anything negative out loud; some of them may even pay lip-service to the gesture, but what will they mutter under their breath?
“If he thinks I’m going to send tax dollars to Detroit, he’s got another thing coming.”
Or how about, “ the ceremony is one thing, but I don’t care if Detroit falls into bankruptcy.”
Hence, Mr. Snyder is making a risky move, but he is acting on his convictions and he gets style points from some, but in other quarters, some eye brows will likely be raised.


Blogger marv rein said...

>>>>> no NEED to MOVE 2 Detroit,,to have an Detroit address,,many super 2 big 2 fail companies..R in Troy, Micgihan,,but use a Detroit Address,,2 L00K Like as if the company is in DETROIT,,but to avoid DETOIT payroll taxes..REally in TROy, Michigan,,which causes hard ships in TROYand Detroit
So TROy,michiagn has given these concerns $$MILLIONs$$$ in TAX Bucks,with NO over-site.

December 28, 2010 at 4:11 AM 

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