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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bobb Bops Into Town

He rolled into the town the other day with what looked like a
custom made white shirt. complete with French cuffs. He had at least
two body guards or maybe three at the ready as he addressed the house
and senate education committees on the issue of saving the Detroit
School system.
Robert Bobb cuts a wide path as the Emergency Financial Manager for
the struggling DPS and the assembled lawmakers wanted to know how he
was doing.
He was brought in two years ago to eliminate the school deficit.
Instead the deficit has gone up.
Do you deserve a passing grade? a snotty reporter wanted to know.
"I'm extremely proud of the work we've done," he began his defense
of not doing the job he was chosen to do.
Turns out, he says, things would have been worse had he not been
Some of his critics might say, that's like the captain of the
Titanic saying his ship would have gone done faster had he not hit only
one iceberg.
For the most part, in this town Mr. Bobb has received high marks
for helping to right the sinking DPS ship. He's taken names, filed
charges against those who were stealing from school coffers, he's
locked horns with the local school board and some residents, and
appears fearless in his efforts to eliminate the deficit which he
discloses could take five more years.
Mr. Bobb was asking lawmakers to give him some legislation that
would permit the borrowing of money at a lower interest rate to meet
next month's payroll. It is not unusual for many schools to head for
the bond market before their employees head for pay-less pay-days.
He assured everyone that the state would not be at risk, but not
everyone was buying that.
"By definition there is a risk," asserted Rep. Tom McMillan
(R-Oakland County.)
Mr. B. wants lawmakers to act on his request quickly, but by his
own admission, the legislation he wants, has not been introduced.
He won't get a passing grade from lawmakers on that.


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