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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fwd: Where's Nancy When They Need Her?

Where's Nancy Cassis when we need her?
Almost single-handedly, the former Oakland County GOP Senator
worked feverishly to dismantle the widely popular Pure Michigan ad
When the backers of the Tim Allan spots trotted out a report
suggesting for every one dollars spent, state coffers got about three
bucks back, there was the chair of the senate Finance Committee
bemoaning the "doctored" data. And give her credit, she was able to
bottle up one funding mechanism after another.
That give the former governor fits as she desperately wanted to
continue the campaign to have at least one successful program on her
resume as she walked out the door.
But now there's a new sheriff in town and lo and behold he stood
up before the entire state the other night and not only did he embrace
continued funding for the commercials but he bought into the data that
suggested the state made money on the deal.
Oh my. Wonder if Ms. Cassis and her hubby were watching and
wonder what he gave her to claim her down after that?
It appears that Gov. Rick Snyder has preempted all the
conservative GOP carping about the ad campaign.
In a house committee the other day, the Republicans were falling
all over themselves to embrace the commercials as the tourist industry
folks smiled.
The data suggests that $93 million has flowed into the state as a
result of the 5 million trips others have made in the Great Lakes
That is Pure Michigan at its best some would argue.
The former senator might counter it is Pure something else, but
she's not around any more which is why the tourism lobby is smiling.


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