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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Listen To My Words

The most popular parlor game this winter in this town is
simple: Who is the real Rick Snyder?
All of the players from old and new legislators to all the
hired-guns a.k.a. lobbyists, are comparing notes. This persons thinks
he knows this, the other guy knows that and pretty soon, they have an
educated mosaic on who they think he is.
Actually getting a fix on that is rather elementary. Just
listen to his words.
A good example was a couple of weeks ago as he introduced his
new welfare director whose top priority was to clean up the children's
foster care system.
The media never reported that deep behind the scenes, former
Gov. John Engler was leaning on the new governor to change his mind.
Mr. Snyder wanted to appoint a sitting State Supreme Court
justice to the post but Engler made it clear he opposed it. His
judgment was based on the politics of the appointment itself.
If Maura Corrigan left the high court, whomever replaced her
would have to run for the office in two years. Corrigan didn't have to
do that thus saving the seat for the Republicans and saving them a boat
load of money to elect someone else if she stepped down. It was pure
Engler being his political best.
Governor Snyder felt the heat and deflected it and that's where
the revealing statement came into view.
Asked about his decision to stick with Corrigan, he gave a peak
at who he really is: We have selected children over politics.
Need he say anymore?


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