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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Schizophrenic SOS

   Will the real Rick Snyder, please stand up.
    You certainly couldn't figure out who the real governor is based on his first State of the State because he appeared to be a little bit of everything to everybody.  But then, that's who he really is.
    There was the anti-government Rick Snyder bringing Republicans to their feet by saying government needs to get off the backs of business with all its over regulations.
     But there was the pro-government Rick Snyder embracing a public sector bridge between Detroit and Windsor at the expense of a very private sector business rich guy who runs the Ambassador Bridge.
     There was also the Rick Snyder who thought government should not be picking winners and losers in the market place but on the other hand, there he was embracing a re-do of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation which goes about picking winners and losers almost everyday of the week.
     Welcome to the Snyder administration.
      If you were looking for an ideologue conservative GOP governor lashing out at big government, this was not your guy.  At times with his upbeat border line cheer leading rhetoric and a soft whisper to underscore one of his major points, he even sounded a little like the former Democratic governor.  What was her name?
     Like the previous governor Mr. Snyder did not dwell a lot on how bad it really is out there.  He never mentioned the $1.8 billion budget deficit although he did say we have $54 billion in pension liabilities.
     Heck, he didn't even use the line  he used in his Inaugural Address, "We need some short term pain for long term gain."
     Not even a hint of that.
     So what gives?
     Maybe this is the kind of governor he will be as he weights each issue on its own merits and not through a right-wing prism.
     He doesn't like labels and it was impossible to pin just one of  on him in this rather schizo SOS.
     The one description he does answer to is being a practical and pretty sharp business guy which means his decisions will be data driven and not politically based.
     Voters wanted a non-career politician who could run the state like a business and now they have one.


Blogger marv rein said...

?? As I said,, see who runs Michigan..the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and that who rules..knee DOWN nerd. Blah blah,...

January 20, 2011 at 7:32 AM 

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