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Monday, January 17, 2011

So Much for Loyalty

   If governors had their way they would mandate that members of their own party do everything the governors want them to do.
   Not around here.
   Loyalty to your governor is one thing, but pushing your own agenda to appeal to the voters back home is quite another and in this case, House Republicans are wandering afar from where Gov. Rick Snyder wants them to go.
   During the campaign, candidate Snyder was asked about flipping Michigan into a Right to Work state which organized labor loathes.
   Die-hard Republicans figure if you can dilute the influence of the labor bosses, more jobs will be created.  Mr. Snyder however refuses to sign up observing that a battle over RTW would divide the state just when he is feverishly working to bring everyone together.
   So what did House Republicans do on the first day in office?
   You guessed it.  They stiffed the governor, introduced a modified form of Right to Work, referred it to a favorable committee, and dollars to donuts, unless the new governor leans on them, it will find its way to the floor for a vote and a contentious debate will follow.
    As if that slap in the face was not bad enough, the very same House R's want to open another can of worms that will send Democrats into an attack mode.  They want some "welfare reform" which the D's argue will hurt families that are already hurting.
    Again candidate Snyder did not run on any social/wedge issues such as abortion, gay rights, or welfare.  He'd rather watch a Jennifer Granholm State of the State than push those to the top of his agenda.
    There again, House Republicans began the new year with a plan to end welfare benefits after four years with no exceptions.  Period.
    They could have waited for the middle of the year to suggest this to preserve what's left of any bi-partisan cooperation, but no, they decided to lead with it and predictably the Democrats are on the defensive.
    And finally, the last thing the new governor wants is a war between the suburban lawmakers and Detroit legislators.  But Rep. Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth) apparently could care less.  He's got a bill to give the suburbs control of the Detroit Water Board and this will get very ugly.
    So much for loyalty.


Blogger marv rein said...

once again,,saying your a republican,noticed the small "r" does mean ur a Republican in Michigan.
The self proclaimed "Nerd" is not a Republican either, the Leadership in Michigan,has not made a clear direction of What Michigan is,,but tries to Re-make Michigan into wild ideas,,that take millions of tax bucks to prove,,"that" does not work..then tries again,with the same people with a differ person of the same group in charge, they must need MORE money..wrong..Michigan has 4 seasons,,lets use Michigan's strength.
not many areas have 4 pro teams,and many great college teams in differ sports.Michigan is sports.

January 17, 2011 at 11:45 AM 

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