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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Virg is Back

He's back, tanned, rested, and not working in the job he wanted.
Virg Bernero has returned to this town after a two week jaunt to
his father's Fatherland of Italy and the man who wanted to be governor
has to settle for watching the guy who is.
Count Democrat Benero on board as long as Gov. Rick Snyder is
making the right moves.
"If he's got a good idea to move this state forward, I'll be the
first one cheering for it," Bernero reveals in his first extended
interview since his not so impressive loss last November.
The mayor knows that the fate of his city and other cities around
the state rests in the hands of the GOP governor and there is some
Bernero recalls that other governors have tried to whack away at
revenue sharing and he figures his former opponent will be just like
all the rest.
But this warning: The Bernero boxing gloves go back on if the new
gov tries to reduce the state deficit by cutting off state aid thus
increasing the deficits of local governments. That brand of trickle
down economics won't make it with the Mayors.
For now, however, Bernero is willing to give the new gov the
"benefit of the doubt" and he thinks others should follow suit.
"If I can work with him and he beat me, other Democrats, Tea Party
folks and Republicans should work with him, too,' Bernero offers some
back-up support for Mr. Snyder.
The one thing Bernero learned was that the voters hunger for
bipartisanship in Lansing and Mr. Snyder does, too.
But talking cooperation during the honeymoon is one thing;
delivering it in the heat of a legislative budget battle will be quite
Bernero knows it and if given a chance to meet with the new
governor he would, "Congratulate him again, give a hug, wish him God's
speed because we need him to succeed."


Anonymous KGR said...

Mr. Bernero and Mr Skubick need to face reality and stop the whining and back handed comments. Gov. Snyder won, revenue sharing is going to drop, because cities, townships and villages need to learn to work together to share resources. Economics have dictated that the days of turf wars are over. So Mr. Bernero put on the boxing gloves, you were going to do it anyway.

January 6, 2011 at 6:30 PM 
Blogger marv rein said...

with advice from one of the few people WHO will get a raise and plans to life off the TAX buck for the rest their lives..most likely died in office..QUIT whineing..get out there a make JOBS.,,.I could and find JObs for people "wh0 want to work" but the UAW[100k} pays me, to sit on my butt,,and if I work,I lost all my benies.
Michigan has plenty of JOBs,,if Michigan does not induce the biggest pollute-ing. Businesses and JAIL those people in Michigan government hands millions of TAX money to their CROn-knees.and never report how much Money.MICHIGAN' made..I know how much people "thier" cro-Knees made.
TROY,Michigan got 8 million tax bucks to build a TRAIN station,,to ship in "cheap" workers from Detroit.
where's the "unions??
Train station project where's the workers to build and maintian..THE Unions do NOT want to work,,but like the taste of "whine"
footnote,the lawyers are feeding at this project.

January 7, 2011 at 4:05 AM 

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