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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Granholm's husband does get his say

Somebody in the Granholm inner circle whispered in the correspondent’s ear, “Please don’t ask Dan about Mike Bishop.”
The call came just before the taping of the final exit interview for Gov. Jennifer Granholm and First Hubby Dan.
Mr. Mulhern has never been bashful about sounding-off when he thought his main squeeze was getting a raw deal from the media and or the public. He did not shy away from taking on the senate GOP leader from Oakland County when he tried to block her programs.
“I’m a citizen and I have a right to my views, and I have very strong views about the way things are going…I’m not going to apologize for that," he asserts on the tube.
And, of course, he should not. He has First Amendment rights, too. It’s just that there are some who wish he will sit on them rather than exercise them all the time. Some fear that creates more problems for his wife than are solved.
TV viewers will get a rare glimpse at this issue personified Wednesday on Detroit Public TV at 8 p.m.
Here’s what you'll see.
Mr. Mulhern is asked about his anger thing visa vie the woman sitting next to him.
He confesses he did get angry, “and you know, I still would.”
And she chimes in, “And he still does.”
He retorts, “I still do” and he acknowledges, “Not everybody loves that…”
Now she gets into the act.
“Babe, Babe,” she blurts out as she playfully moves her arm and hand onto his chest to literally hold him back just as she says, “I have to hold him back." He wonders if she is afraid about what he is going to say.
What a picture.
Nobody has ever seen that before or probably never will again. It is great TV and revealing.
She weights in with the notion that being a guy and all, “His gut instinct, you know as a man, is he’s going to defend her” referring to herself in the third person.
He concedes the point but adds, some think she is speaking through him when he speaks out. He strongly disagrees. He leaves the impression he is speaking for himself.
And that’s exactly what some of the Granholm handlers use to worry about. In a few days, it won’t matter any more, but it sure was a hoot to see them “get real” in front of the cameras.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Tim, Mike Bishop has now admitted to the press that during the biggest downturn in the Michigan economy since the Depression, he considered it his job to shut down the government out of partisanship alone.

And you want to giggle about Dan Mulhern getting mad? It's no wonder the Lansing press is dying. You aren't serving the public when you focus on this nonsense.

December 28, 2010 at 3:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Bishop has been quoted as whinning that Granholm was also asking "How can we get to yes?" in meetings to try to resolve the State's problems. Bishoped whined like he was in kindergarten and peed his pants that the Governor would have the audacity to attempt to engage in negotiations and ask him what the Republicans needed in a deal. How outrageous!!!

December 28, 2010 at 5:36 PM 
Blogger marv rein said...

As those that use TRIcks of special words to convice the super-rich cities of Great Follies, As a 1-2 million buck Brimingham/Troy transit center,,which is fully funded,,but yet,,not even a desigh or excate use of is decided,now,has over 8 million in a 'LOCK BOX" and interest put in2 the General one, will still be able to GET to feed at Michigan's taX BUcket ,,the worms of Michigan's will once again,,surface.
FOOTNOTE..project now in court,,beginning feed and paid 4,,u guessed it,,TAX BUCKs. and u worry about an ex-governor's husbAND..

December 30, 2010 at 7:13 AM 

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